Akali – Warrior Monk

Akali - Warrior Monk

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Premium Gloss Canvas Cost Enhanced Matte Paper Cost
Small (21″ x 16″) $300 Small (21″ x 16″) $50
Medium (32″ x 24″) $400 Ultrasmooth Fine Art Paper Cost
Large (48″ x 36″) $600 Medium (32″ x 24″) $200

*Your Premium Canvases are carefully hand-stretched around thick wooden bars to hold them taught. Hanging bits are included so that your canvas is ready to hang as soon as you receive it!

Akali Rage

Akali Rage

This battle-hardened tank of a man, wears the legendary Turban Fort and wields a huge mace, made of sharp metal plates. Carrying a fort on his head, the Akali enrages himself to charge into battle.

Turban Fort

Turban Fort

These massive turban forts are storehouse of weaponry that is fired at enemies. As the Akali prepares for battle, the turban unravels and the weapons are bared and readied for launch.

Demon Char Aina Armour

Demon Char Aina Armour

This metal is forged to resemble the demons, rakshas that the Akali has killed over the years. Char Aina means four mirrors. The Akali wears two mirrors on the chest and back and two mirrors on the shoulders.


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