Patialvi Baba

Patialvi Baba by Bhagat Singh Bedi

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Premium Gloss Canvas Cost Enhanced Matte Paper Cost
Small (24″ x 15″) $300 Small (24″ x 15″) $50
Medium (32″ x 20″) $400 Ultrasmooth Fine Art Paper Cost
Large (48″ x 30″) $600 Medium (32″ x 20″) $200

*Your Premium Canvases are carefully hand-stretched around thick wooden bars to hold them taught. Hanging bits are included so that your canvas is ready to hang as soon as you receive it!

Patialvi Baba

Patialvi Baba

Don’t be fooled by his calm demeanour, Patialvi Baba is a force to be reckoned with. Behind those eyes are years of wisdom, experience and training.

Patialvi Baba - Thick Chest

Patialvi Baba – Thick Chest

Patialvi Baba’s chest is thick and muscular. He lives on a diet of dudh, badam and makhan (milk, almonds and butter). His physique is of strong-men, those who pack on the pounds to make them heavier against their opponents.

Patialvi Baba - dual sabres

Patialvi Baba – dual sabres

This old, battle-hardened veteran wields two large sabres as his weapons of choice.


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