Prince of Patiala

Prince of Patiala

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Premium Gloss Canvas Cost Enhanced Matte Paper Cost
Small (17″ x 16″) $300 Small (17″ x 16″) $50
Medium (26″ x 24″) $400 Ultrasmooth Fine Art Paper Cost
Large (39″ x 36″) $600 Medium (26″ x 24″) $200

*Your Premium Canvases are carefully hand-stretched around thick wooden bars to hold them taught. Hanging bits are included so that your canvas is ready to hang as soon as you receive it!



Handicapped by warfare, the Prince received this ethereal arm with the help of priests. Aside from morphing into a shield, the arm is a gateway to the dimension from whence it came.

Prince's Ethereal Arm

Prince’s Ethereal Arm

Prince’s Ethereal Arm is not of this world, as we know it. It is not just an arm but a link to unknown worlds.

Warrior Chest

Warrior Chest

The Prince is a formidable warrior, lean and muscular, and trained in art of sword fighting. He is quick on his feet and is able to solve tough puzzles.


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