Once you look through the artist’s work, please give him some feedback here.

“This page has been a big source of encouragement for my work. After staring at my own paintings for hours on end, I lose out on the experience one gets when viewing the completed version. When I read how you guys have been touched by my paintings and how you felt a significant impact when you first saw them, I relive that experience with you, again and again.” – Bhagat Singh Bedi

190 Responses to “Guestbook”
  1. says:

    Words are less to explain these painting….GREAT WORK JASBIR SINGH… U r truly Blessed.

  2. Manroop Gadh says:

    These paintings are a great way to depict our rich Sikh history, they are indeed stunning! I was wondering if you have ever done a painting of just the women, such as Bebe Nanaki, or Mata Sahib Kaur? I am working on a series of 3 paintings and I really like the idea of doing the evolution of women through Sikh history. I would love to see something like that, as I am not a professional. I love your work and can’t wait to share it!

  3. JasmeenKaur says:


    Can I get these in India??

  4. Amrit Pal Aujla says:


    First I would like to say what amazing paintings you have created of these warriors.

    I am from Australia and would like to ask if you do custom paintings. And I’m willing to pay for it.

  5. Barinderpal Singh says:

    Great Work!!

  6. Gurminder Singh Khalsa says:

    Akaaaaaallluhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Marvelous brother amazing art !!!! Rab tuhade te mehr rakhe !!! 🙂

  7. Chahal says:

    If only somebody of your skill was around 300 years ago 😛

  8. sunny says:

    Your skill is incredible. And I greatly appreciate how you attempted to portray the spirit of Sikhi in your subjects rather than having them decked out in ice cream pink etc like some artists do!

  9. ayşegül says:

    Hi.! It was very interesting for me, i like your works. You re successful 🙂 Greetings from TURKIYE. xoXo Ayşegül

  10. pawan says:

    Good work towards sikhi keep it up.l………………………bravo……

  11. jazz singh deol says:


  12. H.Sandhu says:


  13. Speeeeechlessss,, osssssssammmm paintings,,,,, live visualtyyyy loved it… Satnaam Shri Waheguru

  14. knight says:

    gud job,have u portrait of teerwale baba ji(janail singh)

  15. Harmeet Singh says:

    Waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki Fateh
    veerji tuhaadi eh painting vekh ke meri rooh khid pai
    mein aapne poore man naal chavanga ki tuhaadi paintings baare pooore jag nu pata lage

    veerji meri rab kolon ehi ardaas hai ki tusi sikhi nu hoor aage wadao

    Waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki Fateh

  16. manjot singh says:

    Dear bhagat singh..
    u r simply amazzzzzing.. n ur paintings r not just painting … we r learning so many things about our history jus by watching these speechless painting..these painting convey so many facts about sikhism… n ur new idea about making games on our religion is a wonderfull idea… the children can learn about our religion more affetively…its a great job u r working on… keep it up … i proud to b a khalsa…

  17. avtans singh says:

    waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh your work is very good. there is one thing that in painting of Guru Gobind Singh ji (vasakhi) Guru ji’s dastar is not real. dastar which you have shown is used in Mahaja aera of punjab and style used by Guru Hargobind Sahib. but 10th guru used a new style which is known as “Domala”. we can see this style in Nahang Singhs. this style is the creation of Guru Gobind Singh ji.

    • Bhagat Singh says:

      Wjkk Wjkf
      Yes the turban in that painting is not historically accurate (and his beard would be more grey) but it would not be a Domalla either. The puratan paintings of Guru Gobind Singh ji riding a horse, surrounded by Nihangs, show him with a royal Mughal turban. This is in contrast to the Nihangs around him who are wearing domallas. I have not come across a single painting of Guru Sahib with a domalla. This royal Mughal style of turban was worn by the gurus after Guru Hargobind Sahib ji opted for a turban during the gurgaddi ceremony and it is the only one see in puratan paitnings of Gurus.

  18. Tejinder Singh says:

    Dear Bhagat,

    Just a small request and my opinion, I am sure you will agree with it..

    But before that let me tell you have done a marvelous work .. you have a good hand and a good understanding of the subjects

    But the painting of Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji with his head down n looking tired .. I think you shud take it off.. the reasons-
    1. Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji is a symbol of Super Divine Strength,
    the Supreme Warior, Supreme Motivator, Fighting lakhs of enemy
    forces with just handfull of sikhs.
    2. He sacrificed his whole family for the community without a blink,
    without a sweat on his forehead.
    3. He was one of greatest Meditator & a Saint and a Warrior who
    gave the whole community Its identity and a name..

    4. So such a personality cant be shown in a tired n with his head
    down. He was in the world but above it .

    I understand and respect your point as an artist to bring out various aspects of Guru’s Life. But he is the supreme Inspiration for the entire Sikh Community.

    He is the Supreme commander for Sikhs in Army across the world.. Guru Ji was the supreme conqueror of everything.

    So keeping the above in mind we should not and cant show him tired or dejected or low.

    I am sure you would agree ..
    and do write back.
    Warm regards

    • H.Sandhu says:

      we all go thru tough and ardous times – it is these times that toughen you up and make you into a stronger and hopefully a better person – to see and feel how the Guru may have felt after his sacrifices is nothing short of inspirational. to see a one dimesional character showing only one facet of his life, only makes our lives the same – one dimensional…………..And we are not one dimensional!

      We need to feel the Guru’s pain inorder to understand what he went thru and then compare and realise we ride on his name but cannot offer anything like his contribution to mankind.

    • Jaipleen says:

      Wahe guru ji ka Khalsa Wahe guru ji ki fateh so well written ..I m of the same opinion

  19. hardeep singh says:

    ਪੰਜਾਬੀ ਦੀ ਵਰਤੋ ਕਰੋ ਜੀ
    ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕਾ ਖਾਲਸਾ, ਵਾਹਿਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕੀ ਫਤਹਿ

  20. sarabjeet singh khalsa says:

    waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh jio. . . . .
    Yr bhagat singh you are realy doin gud n awesome job for sikhism i realy do like this site.
    Good job.

  21. Jaskirat Kaur says:


    I am not sure if iv’e replied to your message yet but just in case I haven’t I’m going to now. It’s great to know you sell in the UK and I will definitely look into buying some of your pieces in the future, hopefully if you carry on with this work. GCSE’S are the exams you do at the end of secondary school (high school), just before you go to 6th form or college. I’m doing mine now, and i took Art as one of my subjects, my chosen key theme is Sikhism, so our work is very inspiring and helpful. Don’t worry I am not copying any of your pieces, just getting a few ideas here and there. I have to create a research page on my favorite artist. A few weeks ago I didn’t have one, thanks to you I can now do my research on a “special artist” and get the grades I need. 🙂


  22. mandeep rurki khas says:

    waheguru g khalsa waheguru g ki fathe ,,,,,,,22 g mere kol is painting de bare bolen lai koi shabd nai han ,,,ea bhot bhot vadian han ,,and last keep it up bro

  23. Jaskirat Kaur says:

    Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa
    Waheguru Ji ki Fateh

    All I can say is WOW! Your work is inspiring, sensational, admiring, astonishing…I could go on forever. You are extremely talented and I am very glad to have found your art work. Every piece is so beautiful! In the future when I am earning, I can see myself buying many of your art pieces. However I’d like to ask, do you sell any of them to the UK? Also may I ask, did you do Art for Gcse’s?

    Thanivaad Ji.

    Jaskirat Kaur.

  24. gurinder says:

    great work

    really appreciate the aggression of sikh warriors depicted by you in your paintings.

    good ….

  25. mintoo lubana says:

    waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji fateh 22 ji rab tuhade umar lambhi kari..22 tuhadiya paintings bhut he wadiya han sachi 22 mann khush ho janda hai jad mein tuhadiya paintings dehkhda han rab rakha 22

  26. aalap k gadhavi says:

    Hi bhagatji,
    I m a fan of sikhism nd guru nanak dev.
    Ibreally loved harisingh nalwa ji’s painting…
    He is undoubtdly bst gnrl of all time,bcoz he was d only one who defeated afghans…
    Nd hats off to ur painting skill…kindly make bhagt sinh,aazad chandrgupt,ashoka,chankya,gandhiji and some more of harisinghji…

  27. Manny Singh Virk says:

    You are simply amazing i have never seen such accurate detail in historical Sikh art work, you are as good or actually even better than Sobha Singh or any other artist!!! AMAZINGGG if a movie was made with your art work…people all over the world would be attracted to our history..i am speechless. Continue the great work, we need people like you!!! … in todays world people are to lazy to read and learn… you are showing history through paintings, after visualizing things people will want to know abt the stories of our ancestors, martyrs, and Gurus. Btw if u ever have time please make a painting of Nawab Kapur Singh Virk!!! that would be awsome.

  28. jagjit singh says:

    Really excellent works. Sikhs in moods.

  29. Kamal Preet Singh says:

    Your art just makes me quite. It makes me feel the deep imagination you have. I just love all of them. I am out of words to appreciate. Long live Bhagat Singh Ji. May God bless you 🙂

  30. mani says:

    thanx veer ji tuhadi paintings dekh ke rooh khush ho gai ji

  31. Jaspreet says:

    Veerji ,

    Tuhade hattha which Guru di Kripa hai.Your painting touches the heart.

  32. Kuldip Singh Ghatora says:

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

    My Brother, your work is amazing, you really have a talent there blessed by the guru’s,



  34. jagdeep singh !! says:

    Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh!!!!!!

    Paji I am inspired by your work and have also started painting my art teachers do get a bit scared off what I produce but they love it all I want to say is your a wicked artist keep up the good work and thank you for sharing you art !!!

    Waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki Fateh!!!!!!


  36. Rose P says:

    Bhagat Singh, I want to thank you for sharing your talent and love for the Guru with the rest of us. I can only wish you improvement and give blessings. May you continue to produce thoughtful work.

    Rose P.

  37. arjensingh says:

    Amazing painter, the ability to bring the past to life, and nothing spread the message of sikhi like a picture. I have only one request, the very light skin of nanak in the most recent picture is not really in context with guru nanak and india. I would like to see Guru Nanak more in saffron, with darker skin tone, richer, and a younger version of Nanak, so that the young generation can relate to Guru Nanak as a younger as many sikhs only see guru nanak as an older man. I love your work, and keep it up.

  38. ikroop says:

    hi, your work is good and you’re obviously devoted to it, i don’t understand why you’re studying science instead of art, i am certain you would enjoy other techniques like sculpture, printmaking, video etc, its important to understand figurative art in telling a story, however its important to engage the viewer by creating visuals that seep into her subconscious and she is left pondering its poetry. you can either paint an emotion which turns the viewer into an observer or you can create a situation where the viewer feels the emotion instead of only viewing it, that is art,
    for eg. – its not the gold on the harmandir sahib that we’re struck by rather we feel the energy, the thrum of it, its where innumerable battles have been fought, the history attached to it creates its significance, the bullet marks etc, its an ongoing art project, and art is life, which means art is not necessarily confined to a piece of canvas.
    i hope my spiel makes sense :), become an artist, you’ll easily get a scholarship!

  39. Bhavneet Kaur says:

    wjkk wjkf
    These pictures are amazing. I love the one of Mata Bhago and Sahibzada Baba Ajit Singh….looks wicked! keep up the good work 🙂 …. Do you think you can do one of Mata Sahib Kaur???

  40. Its good to see your stuff being used in the latest Shaheedi promo videos. New website layout is good too… Keep it up…

  41. kamran haider says:


    though being a muslim by religion and pakistani by nationality i still have firm believe that the bravest part of Punjab’s history comes from sikhs, and by the way at same time the core of Guru Nanak’s teaching is peace so please display some paintings about peace too.

  42. Er.Sukhjeevan singh maan says:

    sat shri akal.. bulai parvaan hove..

    we can’t express sikh history.. if we wanna do dat,da ink will be finished……
    dere r more n more arts related 2 sikh battle fields..n.. sikhism..,,,,,,,,
    by da way, I pay specially THX 2 u BRO … 4 dees arts.

    urs: younger bro..frm jagravaan..

  43. Inderjeet kaur jabbal says:

    Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguruji ki fateh
    you are doing a fabulous job…. it should be done for our young youth who are forgetting what is sikhi…….
    god bless you for doing this job

  44. simran singh says:

    u have very not nice but a wonderful painting skill u should also make big photos to keep in rooms to popularize our shri guru granth sahib ji also

  45. Deepak Singh says:

    Happy Vaisakhi! Just stumbled upon your work. Amazing! Speechless. Please keep it up, you have a God-given talent.

  46. Sunny says:

    Your painting skills are progressing nicely. You still have a lot of growing to do but you are on the right path. I am hoping with all my heart that you continue on improving your skills in lighting and shade. The Guru Nanak Painting is a great improvement in light and shadows. LOOK to the great masters from around the world for guidance. Also you can get the same ferocity across without all the anger but then again that might just be the vigor of your youth coming through. GREAT JOB. KEEP IT UP!!!

  47. Harmeet Singh Shergill says:

    Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh
    guru maharaj di tuhade bhout kirpa hai
    very very very nice picture

  48. Binder Bhamra says:

    Sat Sri Akal

    I am a 2nd generation Sikh in the UK and am sometimes dissillusioned by the imagery that Sikh Art conveys. However, your work is really awesome. I realise the style is contemporary and like the art in graphic novels.

    I was so happy when I saw the picture or Baba Deep Singh Ji, and that you did not depict him in the unnatural image of carrying his own severed head that is usually shown. Similarly, the pictures of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, and Guru Gobind Singh Ji are very real and natural and bring a new and truly inspirational dimension to our Gurus.

    I am really looking forward to seeing more of your work.


    • Harman says:

      veere BABA DEEP SINGH G di bina sees wale sarup nu tussi un natural kehnde ho ki gurbani wich nai likhea “Prabh bhawe bin saas de rakhe”

  49. I am no connoisseur of art. But I can say the painting of Shri Guru Nanak simply emanates pure spirituality. An excellent piece of art at par with the paintings of Sobha Singh.

  50. V.ARORA says:


    • Amarpreet Kaur says:

      sorry, but honestly, your paintings are more than words can say or write, infact they’re not even like paintings, they are like worlds and reality and if you look in the charcter’s eyes you see much more than emotion. It is more than calm and peaceful yet sincerly above anger, or even fear. Teri pyaas na jaae – my praises are unworthy of your realities and worlds vaaheguru ji ka khaalsa, vaaheguru ji ki fateh.

  51. Chaman Preet Kaur says:

    Waheguru ji ka Khalsa,
    Waheguru ji ki Fateh!!

    Love your work. 🙂
    One of the rarest paintings I have come across, each character has a spark a kind of passion in its eyes.

  52. JASPREET SINGH says:

    sat shri akal veer jee,,,
    tuhadi pics amazing ne ,,, ultimate thinking and creativity ,,,,bus veer ik jedi mata de tusi pic bnai ahain ,,usnu singhni vikho ,,,jo oh nai lag rahi hain ,,….baki rabb mehar kare tuhade utte chadia kal bakshe ,,,,,,

  53. thalwinder singh says:

    waheguru ji ka khalsa
    waheguru ji ki fateh

    veer jio, u r doin a great job. a nice effort

    but brother, mata bahg kaur’s painting is not sofisticated, its bit on vulgur side. dont take me wrong, but i told u what i got…. hope u will correct me.
    Guru sahib bhali karan

    thalwinder singh

  54. kamen says:

    Your paintings are really original in style and simply amazing !!!
    Any chances of seeing a painting with Shaheed Udham Singh in.

  55. RAMNEEK SINGH says:

    sat shiri akal ji….
    u are amazing painter…
    tusi ta pic ch jaan pa diti ji….
    god bless u..n keep it up….

  56. Waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh. tadi art kiti pics nu dekh k te mere akha v athroo aa gaye… aj v sadi ehni dukhant history nu dekh k ehna proud feel hunda k assi ohna de bachhe hain.

  57. jUGRAJ sINGH says:

    wahe guru ji ka khalsa wahe guru ji ki fateh.

    its amazing this is very good effert to incourse of sikhi.

  58. Jitender singh says:

    Dear Son,wahe guru ji ka khalsa wahe guru ji ki fateh you are doing amazing job, while seeing the movie 300 my self and my son gurleen are talking about the great Bette of Chamkaur di gari it is the only Bette were 40 surmes without food and water fighting against lacs of enemy’s. were as 300 solder of spata fighting to save their land but kalgidhar patsah were fighting to save humanity and mankind. keep it up someday we will see the series of Sikh history over your site. wahe guru ji ka khalsa wahe guru ji ki fateh.

  59. aman says:

    yaarsab waheguru ji dian pictures enia jyadian sohnia han ki main hairan reh gyan han

  60. Satinder Pal Singh says:

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru JI Ki Fateh
    Veer Jio Aap Ji Bhut Vadia Kam Kar Rehe Ho Ji

  61. gagan says:

    Waheguru ji ka Kalsa Waheguru ji Fatehe ,Akaal Purakh di mehar hai ji tuhadi team te jo Sache Patshah tuhato Appni vadiyae aene vadia kam nal karva rahe hain.

  62. Manpreet singh says:

    Wahe guru ji da khalsa Wahe guru ji di fateh paji realy…realy…realy nice job

  63. Balwinder says:

    Some absolutely incredible work here. We are in serious need of good artists who can represent sikh history via paintings – you are definitely one of our best talents.
    You seem to put great thought into your paintings and make them very life-like. Keep up the good work as you are bringing alot of enjoyment to fellow sikhs.
    Whatever you do don’t detract from this line of work – god made you for painting that is where your legacy lies.

    We shouldn’t expect this for free so I am looking to buy a painting & I encourage anyone who looks at this site to buy at least one painting so as to ensure you get bigger and better.

  64. Aravind Kumar says:

    hi theer!!!!! ur gud in art ……. Waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki Fateh!!!!!!

  65. Gagan Gill says:

    these are the most amazing work i have ever witnessed in my life .
    we have lots of expectations from bhagat singh .
    i really want to see shahibzadas (saka sirhind) paintings……
    he is the future artist ……
    hats off…………….

  66. Findingmyway (from SPN) says:

    I love your work. It’s very inspiring and has so much feeling. I especially love the new pic of Guru Nanak Dev Ji as you’ve been brave enough to move away from the cliche’s. It gives a sense of the anand he is experiencing while singing the shabad 🙂

  67. jasbir kaur says:

    God bless you my son. May all your dreams come true. May God bless you with all the success and prosperity all through your life

  68. VSK says:

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

    Amazing stuff. I love it, keep it up the good work!

  69. Harpreet Singh says:

    Veer g! Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh g!!!!!!

    I just cecked some of ur stuff in ur gallery, Its really awesome!!!!!!!! These faces, expressions are really valuable.

  70. awsm stuff….keep it up…..

  71. Raavy Sandhu says:

    u have done gr8 job..all can easily learn about sikhi..itz gud

  72. rahul patil says:

    Excellant job! Artist is truely bleesed with art!keep up your work!

  73. Gurleen says:

    you have done an amazing job! may waheguru bless you always…


    SAT SRI AKAL 22g….!!!
    Amazing stuff , Excellent effort…!!!
    We all Sikhs are in debt for whatever u’ve done / are doing for our community…..!!!

  75. gurpal singh says:

    sat sri akaal veer ji.your work on paintings is mind blowing and i appritiate it.i have no words for praising your work and imagination.outstanding,keep it on.

  76. S.CharanJeev Singh says:

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
    Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh….
    Ur painting R Good…..!!!
    But ur painting of Guru Gobind singh Ji in The Forest is My Favriot>>>>

  77. Rajdeep Singh NIKKU says:

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
    Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

    Mind blowing painting veer keep it on Guru chardi kala vich rakhe

  78. hardeep singh says:

    payare khalsa jio
    wahe guru ji ka khalsa
    wahe guru ji ki fathe
    man nu badi hi parsanta hoi , jad main tahade duvara banayia hoea photoes dekiha tusi boot hi parem nal eh sarian photoes ulikian hoia ne
    te jada prasanta is kar k hai k tusi apne is hunur nu sikhi daram nu dia photoes banan vich kar rahe ho
    main rab age ardas karda han k parmatma tahanu is rah te din dugni te raat chounai taraki deve

  79. Deepak Saini says:

    Very Good Work done Over Here..

  80. Mandeep Singh says:

    bahji, nazara aa gya painting dekh ke… amazing work

  81. harpreet says:

    wahe guru ji ka khalsa wahe guru ji ki fateh.

    its amazing this is very good effert to incourse of sikhi.

  82. Tejpal Singh says:

    Brother its really really really great work
    i am very impressed
    your paintings speak !!!!
    keep it up
    god bless you 🙂

  83. waheguru ji ka khalsa
    waheguru ji ki fateh
    mere pyare veer ji tuhadian banaian paintings dekhian. maharaj di bari kirpa hai tuhade te jehra tuhanu do khaas bakshishan kitian.
    ik tuhanu hunar ditta jo tuhadian banaian paintings cho saaf jhalakda hai te doosra tuhanu sojhi bakhshi k is hunar di varton sikhi de parchaar vaste la sakon.
    baki tuahada feedback tan siftan naal barya pia hai par mera ik chota jeha sujha hai je aap ji nu theek lagge,
    main jinian v paintings dikhian ne oh sikhan di ate guru sahib dian jung related hun;jad ki sikhi de hor v pehlu ne jiven bhagti, balidan,samaj sudharak etc.
    tusi ehna te v kamm kar sakde ho.
    baki eh bahut vadia uprala hai tuhada.
    kahi suni maaf karna ji,

  84. kamaldeep kaur says:

    sat shri Akaal g…………………
    I really appreciate your work. really a great work on sikhism.

  85. Simarjit Singh Spal says:

    SSA G,

    Mind blowing painting, keep it on Guru chardi kala vich rakhe tuhanu, your work is AMAZING!! i looked at your work and was lost for words….brilliant way of spreading Sikhi. These are beautiful! Thats a God given tallent.

    Waheguru Ji Da Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Di Fateh………

  86. dhruv singh says:

    vaheguru ji ka khalsa vahe guru ji ke fateh
    u have done a simply fabulous thing to attract youth towards sikhi……..

  87. shera singh says:

    very good picture . god is love wahe guru ji khalsa wahe guru ji ki fateh

  88. inder says:

    SSA ji,,,,,you all have done a gr8 work to spread knowledge about our sikhism to all the people in diff parts of india ,,,,so,,its great,,keep up the good work,.,,…

  89. inder says:

    very nice work done by all of you people,,,hope it will spread knowledge about our sikhism to every part of the world,,,,keep up the good work

  90. inder says:

    very nice work done by all of you,,,,hope it will spread our sikhism,,,and knowledge bout it to every1…
    thank you to all of u…

  91. Parminder Singh says:

    SSA ….
    Verji dat was mindblowing……..Gr8 job ….but i hve a reqst .tusi plz baba Deep Singh ji & Maharaja Ranjit singh ji di kuch paintngs ho sake tan plzz upload kar do… I wnt to see dat……..

  92. anurag says:

    simply amazing .

  93. jagmeet kaur says:

    You are a fabulous painter.I appreciate ur work.Painting of baba Deep Singh ji is mind blowing.kepp it up.

  94. Amrit Pal Singh says:

    i love you paintings very good and well done
    i was just wondering since you made a painting of Sahibzada Baba Ajit Singh Ji if you have the time you can maybe make a painting of Sahibzada Baba Jujhar Singh Ji???

  95. kamalpreet singh says:

    SSA Bai g today i feel so proud by visiting ur site that i don’t have any words to say. when ever i switch on internet i always found some well furnished Sikh website and maximum times i search for sikh paintings which i never found even on google. I really so admired that it’s my first time i have ever sent my feedback to anyone ,but today i can’t restrict my self to share my views with u . As im also from IT field also thinks that some day i will launch my on website that is based on sikh religion & culture ,but because of some resources i never do so. Last But not the least i want to congratulate u for ur step keep it up……….

  96. MANJIT says:

    You have amazing painting skills and a great gift by Waheguru’s grace! Really creative and inspiring work. I am not an artist or painter or anything but one question if I may, why some paintings show dark fury scenes? I would enjoy more lighter somber scenes and also a sketch with a Punjabi/Indian village life during Guru Sahib’s times would bring Sikh history even more alive. I also admire your hard work in putting this piece of art and it shows the love you have for Guru Ji and Sikhi. Peace and Happiness with His blessings to you!

  97. Kuljit Kour says:

    agar sab tuhade tarah apna ek percent ve sikh religion nu promote karn vich lgan taan oh din door nhi jadoo sare world nu eh pta chal jaega ke sikh etihaas kine shahidiyaan naal preya hoeya hai…………….nd i think net tu best koi hor trika ho he nhi sakda sikh religion nu describe kan da …………really u have done a great job ….satguru sachae patshah tuhade te mehar karan…….tuhanu chadi klaa bakshan

  98. ਸੁੱਖਦੇਵ ਿਸੰਘ says:

    ਸਤ ਸ੍ੀ ਅਕਾਲ ਜੀ,
    ਏਹ ਸਬ ਦੇਖ ਕੇ ਸੱਚਮੁੱਚ ਮਨ ਨੂੰ ਚੰਗਾ ਲੱਗਾ । ਏਹ ਇੱਕ ਚੰਗਾ ਅਤੇ ਨੇਕ ਉਪਰਾਲਾ ਹੈ ਆਪਣੇ ਓਸ ਵਜੂਦ ਨੰੂ ਕਾਯਮ ਰੱਖਣ ਦਾ ਸਾਂਭ ਕੇ ਰੱਖਣ ਦਾ, ਜੋ ਸਾਨੂੰ ਸਾਡੇ ਗੁਰੂ ਸਾਿਹਬਾਨਾਂ ਨੇ ਸਾਨੂੰ ਬਖਿ਼ਸ਼ਆ ਹੈ । ਸੱਚਾ ਪਾਤਸ਼ਾਹ ਤੁਹਾਨੂੰ ਹੋਰ ਬਲ ਬਖ਼ਸ਼ੇ ਹੋਰ ਵੱਡੇ ਮੁਕਾਮ ਬਖ਼ਸ਼ੇ ।
    ਵਾਹੇਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕਾ ਖਾਲਸਾ ।
    ਵਾਹੇਗੁਰੂ ਜੀ ਕੀ ਫਤੇਹ ।।

  99. Gurdeep Singh says:


    I hope you are doing great there. I would request you that please work on Guruji Sketches Specially on Hind Ki Chadar Guru Tegh Bahadhar ji,

    Almost your work is fantastic mostly on Sikh Warriors, Kindly try to diversify your work….

  100. Harleen kour says:

    These things are really what we need today to uplift our religion……..
    Today it is not the era where we should only talk and give lectures,but it is the time when we all should use our talent to make people aware what SIKHISM is all about.I have no words to express your talent…….m speechless.
    And it makes me feel proud that I am a part of a religion where people are exceptionally great……..proud to be a SIKH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. Ravneet Kaur says:

    i saw all of ur work……that is really amazing ……….,me 2 an art student,.with these paintings u give me an inspiration to do something for our religion as an Artist.thanx a lot………..may god bless u

  102. harjeet singh sandhu says:

    shabdda vch byaan karaga te nainsaafi hovege…………………
    sundarta byaan ne kete ja sakde

  103. ravi singh says:

    Sat Sri Akal Veerji,
    paintings dekh ke ta inj mehssos hona shuru ho janda….jive rooh us time wich e pahunch gayi hundi ha….

  104. you paint the art of sikhism which is a good deed. this type of art can change someone life.
    may god bless you.
    waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

  105. Simranpal Singh Birdi says:

    Great art! It is really nice to see such paintings that the young generation can connect with. For a very long time, we have all got used the standard paintings found all over various gurudwaras etc. These paintings are really great and very different from the routine paintings. Keep up the good work. Waheguru bless!

  106. taranjeet singh says:

    speechless,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ultimate,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,superb ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,priceless work

    guru bless you great!

    salute you……..

  107. Rajendra Singh says:

    Wahe guru jika khalsa wahe guru ji de fateh…………
    keep doing this for salute guru’s and man’s whos sacrifice thier life for sikhpanth

  108. Ajeet Pal Singh says:

    This is incredible..Sikh history as it is so inspirational..and you guys become catalysts..

    Waheguru Mehr karan !!

  109. Gagandeep singh says:

    guru fathe jio,
    this is the fantastic work, everyone who lover of sikh history & sikhi,,,,,,,,, he blessing u my friend.
    may waheguru ji blessing u,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  110. iqbalsingh says:

    waheguru jika khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh.
    mere jis veer na ah painting kati hai waheguru uss nu chardi kaala which rakhe.

  111. KOMAL SINGH says:

    great work chap……really….i appreciate ur work…..hats off 2 u…..waheguru bless u

  112. aridaman singh sandhu says:

    nice i really appreciate ur effort great paitings!

  113. Sardar Jaipal Singh says:

    mai ki keevan thodi site inni chaangi hai ki koi jaavab nai hai……tusi eeven hi kaam karo guru di kripa thode utte saada hi ravegi……..te ehh bada hi chaanga kaam hai….sikh eenu dekh ke te paad ke bahut kuch jaan sakde ne………

  114. Manjinder sandhu says:

    hello….good effort by the writer.amazing,wonderful drawing. pls sketch all pictures of the ten gurus and other sikhs related to sikhism. also, u cn sketch pictures of gurudwaras. thanks

  115. LUCKY BENIPAL says:


  116. preeti sachdeva says:

    well done sir !!! god bless ! i hv a query wat color medium u r using and for a correct portrait to come out on canvas wat remains ur sourse of inspiration?

    • Bhagat Singh says:

      For me, Sikh history and the values is a huge source of inspiration! More inspiration comes from art, Sikh art, movies, songs, video games and shabads amongst other things.

  117. Khalsa News says:

    Wow, this was the first word it came to my mind when I saw these paintings. The expressions, emotions shown are par excellence. Shows reality of the paintings, unlike the others which looks like artificial. Some of the battles scenes of Chamkaur di gaddee, Baba Deep singh were like the movie 300, excellent. May almighty gives you more and more ideas to express you gratitude towards Sikhi. Chardikala.

  118. sukhdev singh says:

    its is really a sewa to paint these pictures it shows the the feeling inside your heart and the knowledge of sikhism i would like to see your photo also . if possible please make on painting of sri guru nanak dev g maharaj doing kirtan with sadhoos in garden with small hut.i dont know painting but i always see inside my heart to have this type of painting i know nothing is free in this world but i can give you lots of good wishes may god bless you every thing you want. sukhdev singh

  119. daman oberoi says:

    paintings are very nice………no words to express feelings…..

  120. ylara Khalsa says:

    Thank you! my heart and soul were moved by the Guru Gobind Singh painting you did, there is so much in it, every time I see it, i catch my breath!
    Thank you!
    It would be amazing to see paintings with the light of SGGS enveloping our world today!

    May you soul continue to shine trough this medium!
    Sat Nam

  121. Manpreet Kaur says:

    Satshiri Akal ji
    very nice paintings , the atmosphere your website and paintings create is wonderful
    God bless you!

  122. kuljit singh mann says:

    main pehli vaar snaps dekhian ne jo ki horan nalon bahut hi alag bhavnawan pesh kar diyan ne main sirf is karke thuanu eh message kar rehan han k main eh snaps vekh k thuhde kam da fan ban giayan han tusi hun jadon v koi navi snap bnaoge mainu jarror send kar dena
    thuhada veer kuljit singh mann

  123. Shashwat Jai Singh says:

    Great Work Done.

    But i would like to see images of guru ji with noor on their face not with the anger.
    I hope you will develop the images soon. Really looking forward to it.

    Vahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh. !

  124. I don’t know who s the person behind this incredible job ..!!!!
    bt who so ever is doing this is a wonderful job …..!!!!!
    may god bless that man and may waheguru fulfils all his desires and wishes …. !!!!!
    u have given a huge gift to sikhism .,!!!!!!!!!!

  125. Surinder Singh says:

    Very good work …… i i appreciate u r work .



  127. un known says:

    waheguru g ka

    waheguru g ki fateh Bhauth sohnyia ne thasan waste shabad nahi milde .waheguru tuhade te ise tara di maher rakhae ta ki tusi ik din sare sikh itihass diya tasvera bna sako

  128. Jaspreet Singh says:

    first time sikh paintings with proper beard flowing n dumala
    Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh jio…..

  129. Jaspreet Singh says:

    Really awsome work. Chardi kalaa keep it up!!!

  130. Bali says:

    Two words – WOW and MESMERISING …
    Can’t stop staring at Guru Gobind Singh’s pic, find it so relaxing yet intense, overwhelming bro, keep up the good work !!

  131. Bhagwant Singh says:

    ssa veer

    tusi ta kamal he kar diti a. sikh ithas diyan mahan hastyan diyan tasviran tusi bahut he vadia banayan ne. plz chotay sahibzadyan de koi tasvir banao .

    ssa g

  132. Jaspal Singh says:

    Great realism and imagination in every painting. Excellent attention to detail.

    Thanks for sharing! great work, hope to see some more in the future.


  133. bret says:

    Very inspiring art my brother. My favourite is the one of Ajit Singh in battle … very very inspiring.

    God bless

  134. Sukhman Singh says:

    AMAZING!!!Keep up the good work

  135. Vikramjit Singh says:

    Great piece of work ! Must say that the emotions shown in the pictures are awesome, one can sense it ! Really liked your work, keep it up !

  136. Harpreet says:

    Sat Sri Akaal…….!!

    The Work you have done is awesome………!!!

  137. Jashandeep Singh says:

    very nice pics… is a great work……God Bless U and give more power to do more like this

  138. Gagandeep Kaur says:

    satsriakal bhagat,
    tuhada hunnar dekh ke bahut hi khushi hoyee iss toh jyada khushi iss gal di hai ke aaj v sade dil vich apna mahan sikh itehass bass reha hai. waheguru ji di bahut kirpa hai tuhade te jo ohna enna hunnar baksheya tuhanu! Ardass karde hain uss akalpurkh aage ke tuhada eh hunnar apni sikh komm nu usdia jaada naal banni rakhega!!

  139. Manjot Singh says:

    I just wanted to let you know that your paintings are phenomenal. I absolutely love them. If I had a million dollars, I would open up a Sikh museum and dedicate an entire hallway to your magnificent works of art!

  140. Mandeep Kaur says:

    Hi, your artwork is amazing! I doing A2 Art & my work is about images of conflict & I really want to look at your work for inspiration as I want to look at conflict in sikhie & punjabi culture. It would be great if you could get back to me so i could ask some questions.

    Thank you

  141. judge singh says:

    waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh mind blowing paintings veer ji ise taraa panth di sewa karde raho tuhadiyaa paintings wich anakh jhalakdi hai khalse di eh saadi anakh nu jiunda rakhangiyaa guru sahib chardi kalaa vich rakhan bole so nihal sat sri akaal

  142. Gurmeet Singh says:

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
    Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

    Mind blowing painting veer keep it on Guru chardi kala vich rakhe

  143. Gurpreet Singh says:

    Bhagat veer, amazing pictures with immense detail of expression. I enjoyed the fact how you captured the moment and brought life into the characters. I have always admired Sobha Singh’s paintings of our Gurus. I am pleased to see that you have a skill that should be promoted for current and future generations to cherish, what our ancestors sacrificed for what we enjoy today. I would like to see your skill expanded to animation so we can create more realistic “sakhis” and animated stories that our kids can enjoy and help generate interest with good scripts. I also see huge potential of your mutant series (cartoon network, etc.)… Very proud of you, and thank you for what is much needed to keep the flame of our history alive. Regards and Sat Sri Akal, Gurpreet

  144. meersingh says:

    bahut sohniya tasveera ne sair ji…..ik benti hai k chere(face)te roohani noor v dikhna chahida..!!jo hun tak miss lagya

  145. Aman Kaur says:

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!!

    Paji your work is AMAZING!! i looked at your work and was lost for words….keep up the wicked seva…brilliant way of spreading Sikhi.

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki FAteh!!!!!


  146. Jag Singh says:

    SSA veerji

    You made some amazing artwork here. No doubt- all excellent. But all images are showing anguish, war, fights.

    Could you make some with love and peace in it?

  147. Puneet says:

    Wow! Amazing paintings, well worth the money.

    Please do keep making these and if I can afford then soon I want to buy a few!

    Amazing work penji/veerji keep it up! This is true art and it makes me very, very proud.

    Bole sohnihal SAAT SRI AKAAAL!!!

  148. Anup Kaur says:

    These are beautiful! Thats a serious God given tallent!

    Keep up the excellent work.

  149. Manvir Singh says:

    These pictures actually made our warriors alive which shows their ‘MASSIVE’ personality which speaks itself that how great they were. Shri Guru Gobind Singh Sihib Ji has ridiculously blessed The painter Bhagat Singh.i wish him good luck that god give him more skills to DRAW more pictures to keep us informative about our religion.
    sorry if i misspelled(bottom)
    “waheguru ji ka khalsa
    waheguru ji ki fateh”

  150. jassa says:

    mindblowing paintings brother!!! I would like to ask Mr. Bhagat what is the size of Shahibzada Ajit Singh painting on canvas? I am interested in buying, please e-mail me thank you.


  151. gurrajpreet singh bhangu says:

    good luck for future saat sri akal

  152. gurrajpreet singh bhangu says:

    bhaut vadia veek k kaga k jidaa aaa saria pic asli aa

  153. Satwant Singh Grewal says:

    Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh veer ji … I didn’t see these paintings before related with our religion. I am very excited to buy your paintings but I don’t have job bro …
    I will buy in future .. And I would like to request you please make amazing painting of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale …
    well done bro

  154. SSA,
    Really, amazing work done,

  155. Zail Singh says:

    Hi All,

    Im in India and amazed to see this art work. Can someone reply to my email above and tell if it’s possible to buy online with the full graphic version being emailed to m so I can get it printed in India.

    Many thanks.

  156. raman singh says:

    waheguru ji ka khalsa;
    waheguru ji ki fateh!!!

    khalsa ji ur paintings are phenomenon its very nice to see such new art in our religion. may god bless u with his pleasures and u may contunue doing such creative things can u tell me which country are u from..??? i would really like to meet u..

    waheguru ji ka khalsa;
    waheguru ji ki fateh!!!

  157. Simran says:

    Sat Sri Akal Bhagat Ji,

    Please paint some of Guru Gobind Singh’s pictures…


  158. Dilraj Singh says:

    Hi Bhagat,

    Wonderful work. Paintings look brilliant and keep up the great work. By the way, this is your buddy from back in Tagore Public School. Take care keep in touch.

  159. Singh says:

    Sat Shri Akal,

    Very beautiful and incourging paintings, keep it up !!!!!. It really shows who we are.

  160. jaideep singh says:

    outstanding ,awsme pics keep it up

  161. joban hundal says:

    ultimate paintings , i have not seen paintings of this quality till now , its really too too wonderful and it also defines what we r………amazing bhagat bhaji…..

  162. Raj says:

    its about time people start seeing what our people did in the past for our culture and religion. sometimes pictures say more then words. really good work, i look forward to seeing more.

  163. SAM says:


  164. Sukhraj Sandhu says:

    Your painting are just amazing and beautiful. Just by looking at them, I feel so proud to be a Sikh. Thank you, so much for the paintings and keep up the good work.

  165. Keerat Kaur says:

    You work is unreal. What medium do you usually use?

  166. Jassi says:

    Hey i love your work. Absolutely amazing, I saw a few of your paintings at my cousin’s house. I wanted to ask if you can draw a painting of Sardar Bhagat Singh. I’m sure the punjabi community would love it

  167. Dalbir says:

    Amazing stuff. You should have some free desktop wallpaper downloads, even pencils…will spread your art more.

  168. jujhar says:

    wjkk wjkf your paintings are wicked keep up the good work,i can wait till i see more of them,i would luv to see a wicked painting of baba deep singh ji to show wat a tru soorma he was,do you think u will be working on one soon? wjkk wjkf

  169. Jasmeet Bhatia says:

    Awesome paintings veerji…!! The strenght and power of our warriors can be seen in ur paintings.. Please keep up the fab work…
    I would love to watch more of them….
    May god bless you….


  170. Ajitpal Singh says:

    I am a novice artist myself and your paintings have definitely inspired me to pick up my pencil and sketch a few concepts myself…wish you success in your endeavors bro…keep the paintings coming!

  171. Amrit Pal Singh says:

    luv ur paintingz der great pleez make more u will 1 day becum a famous artist n ur picz will probably b in almost every gurdwara thanx 4 makin dez der beutiful paintingz

  172. Maninder Singh says:

    Bhagat Singh ji,

    I just saw your excellent work and I foresee a great artist in you.


  173. Balraj Singh says:

    WJKK WJKF! WOW! VEER! You are great! I’ve been looking at your work for a while. You are amazing! I was wondering, what happend to Sarbolh Warrior ? :S

  174. Amar Singh says:

    Seeing these paintings was inspirational. You have a real talent thats given by waheguru himself. Please keep up the good work and I look forward to purchasing these beautiful pieces of art. God bless.

  175. Aseem Singh says:

    Phenomenal paintings!!! AWESOME!!! Thats what our warriors are supposed to look like!!!

    Aseem Singh

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